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RFI & RFP Services


ADI has been in business for over ten years and we know what it takes to make an Oracle Hyperion(EPM), Business Intelligence, and OFSAA project successful for the client. Whether we are helping clients to prepare an RFI & RFP or we are responding to an RFI & RFP, ADI goes through a very exhaustive approach to understanding the business requirements translating those into a meaningful actionable insight.


RFI & RFP Creation Services

Embarking on a software implementation can seem like a very daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! To make it easier you can leverage ADI’s knowledge and have ADI assist you in properly scoping and evaluating consulting partners for your project.

Why do projects cost more or go over budget? Generally, it is all related to scoping! Understanding the requirements and being able to translate them into the proper design documents to produce an accurate scope of the project does not happen unless you have years of experience working with the Oracle Hyperion and BI toolsets. Often things are over looked when the clients do this process themselves.

Some reasons why you may need ADI’s help to properly prepare an RFI & RFP:

  • Do you have an internal team that can properly interview project stakeholders and key end users to understand the business requirements?
  • Do you understand the business requirements?
  • ADI’s consultants understand business and technology and have probably worked within your industry before.
  • Do you have resources that can document and properly prepare a RFI & RFP
  • Do you know what to ask and how to ask the consulting teams that you will be interviewing?

RFI & RFP Response Services

ADI is willing to actively participate and respond to any Oracle Hyperion, BI, and OFSAA RFI & RFPs. When you elect to have ADI as a part of your RFI & RFP process you are ensuring that you are working with best Oracle Hyperion and BI consulting firm in the industry. As you can see by our other very happy and reference able clients, you have made a great decision!

Contact us to learn more about how ADI Strategies can help you with your RFI or RFP.