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  • agri_18711


    Every year the agriculture industry faces greater demands stemming from increasing material and labor costs, new regulations, threat of diminished water supplies, and unpredictable weather. However, despite each of these struggles, agriculture companies are successfully battling today’s competitive marketplace with a new weapon… technology.

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  • crane

    Engineering & Construction

    The recession of 2008 had a negative impact on the Engineering & Construction (E&C) industry, and it was not until very recently that the E&C industry has started to display some positive signs of recovery.

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  • bank_6868

    Financial Services

    The financial services industry continues to face an environment of increased competition and regulatory pressures. This shifting environment has led to market driven acquisitions and expansions while the industry continues to battle narrowing margins and increased global regulatory requirements. Finance transformations are a top priority and strategy to address these concerns and to remain competitive.

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  • shopping_306


    Retailers face an ever-growing amount of competition - consumers are inundated with rival products and services more than ever and profitability margins are continually deteriorating. Today, retailers must stay engaged and agile in order to remain competitive by focusing on data and the speed at which they can analyze and act upon it. In fact, for retailers, data is a gold mind waiting to be evaluated and examined.

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  • tech_16942


    The technology industry continues to create revolutionary innovation at a rapid pace- however, it also comes with fierce competition. In order to continue to lead the market with new and groundbreaking products, technology companies must invest in business performance and analytic software to match their accelerated growth.

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