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Leadership for EPM & BI

ADI Strategies is an Oracle Platinum Partner that specializes in providing true consulting and advisory services that allow our clients to meet current and future goals and objectives.  We are a global organization with offices throughout the US, ASIA, and EMEA and we strive to help companies work smarter, by designing and building analytic solutions that give clients a greater understanding of their information assets. Clients that partner with ADI receive immediate and long-term benefits including improved accuracy of enterprise reporting and forecasting, better analysis and decision-making due to greater confidence and alternative perspectives through better access to their data, and analytic synergies through strategic combinations and visualizations of data.

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    The ADI Way

    At ADI, we realize that successful projects result from effective communication, cooperation and coordination. Our practitioners have joined us from other firms and industry positions, and have worked with professionals who span the spectrum of corporate life.

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    Our People

    ADI takes great pride in its employees, as our consultants are the life blood of our company. ADI has developed and nurtured a company where individual contribution is appreciated and rewarded. While individualism is appreciated and encouraged, all of ADI’s consultants work collaboratively as a team towards a larger good – the satisfaction of the client by delivering unparalleled results.

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    As Principals of ADI, we apply the same zeal and experience steering ADI as we do in steering projects and working productively with clients. As ADI grows, those consulting roots are never far and our team is always ready to roll up its sleeves and get in the trenches if the need arises. Our Leadership Team is proud to literally wear the “Consulting” badge alongside our corporate responsibilities.

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    Explore Our Clients

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    Case Studies

    Learn how ADI is helping its clients achieve excellence

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    In 2002, a team of seasoned consultants formed ADI Strategies to make a difference. Their goal was simple: Build a team of the best and brightest minds in the industry to drive client success and thereby become leaders in EPM and BI. If you are interested in applying your business prowess and technical capabilities to make an impact and see clear results, as well as make a difference at a fast growing company, ADI is the answer.

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    Oracle Platinum Partner

    As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we have access to resources offered only to companies that continue to demonstrate the highest level of expertise and experience when designing, implementing and supporting Oracle Performance Management systems.

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